Located at 97 km from Cuzco. Known as the fortress due to its enormous walls and because it is located in a very strategic place in the Sacred Valley. The temple of the sun and gigantic monoliths make of this place a surprising one.

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Located at 30 km from Cuzco, 30 min. by car. It is a special destination for the traveler due to its location and it is surrounded by green mountains and nearby archeological sites. This town has a colorful market every Sunday where swapping is practiced.
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Located at 40 km. North of Puno and at 3808 meters over sea level. One hour trip. Amantani is ideal to remove yourself from civilization. The island is located in front of the Capachica peninsula and it is inhabited by four thousand persons divided into eight agricultural communities. The people work in agriculture and handicraft [...]
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Titicaca Lake

The National Reserve of Titicaca (RNT) is located on the continental waters of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, in the immediate vicinity of the provinces of Puno and Huancané in the department of Puno, at an average altitude of 3,810 masl. It covers 36,180 hectares. Wild flora and fauna from Lake […]

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Uros Islands

This tour takes three hours in the highest navigable lake in the world, the Titikaka lake. You will visit several islands inhabited by the Uros . They are one of the oldest civilizations in America.

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