This beautiful place is located 9 km to the West of Maras. On first sight it looks like an amphitheater with circular platforms. They were built as terraces and irrigation canals. It is interesting to note that the temperatures in the upper part is different from the lower part and this allows the creation of [...]
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San Blas Town and Church

The town has beautiful landscapes and the church has a beautiful baroque style pulpit.
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Pisac Market

Located at 32 km North East of Cuzco. A very interesting place and the persons that take part in this market do not use money but make swapping. There are some weavers who show the weaving techniques learned from their forefathers.
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Located at 46 km from Cuzco in the province of Urubamba. Maras has the most important salt mines of the region. They have been exploited since inca times and during the colony it was the first producing center of salt in the Southern part of Peru.

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Located at 30 km from Cuzco, 30 min. by car. It is a special destination for the traveler due to its location and it is surrounded by green mountains and nearby archeological sites. This town has a colorful market every Sunday where swapping is practiced.
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