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Lima, called ``City of the Kings``, is the capital of Peru. Definitely beautiful, captivating and exciting as few cities located next to the sea. City with a lot of history, sacred places such as the oracle and citadel of Pachacamac. Also, there are pre Inca pyramidal temples discovered in many districts such as Miraflores, dating back to 200 BC.

Also, Lima has a beautiful colonial mansions, some of them built in the mid-sixteenth century. For example, the Churches and convents that make us know the strong Catholic influence on our people and also through European art in its architecture and painting. Modern with undoubtedly beautiful districts like Barranco with Art Noveau houses, San Isidro with its beautiful parks and Miraflores with the best view of the Pacific Ocean. Clearly, it's an example of the great improvement and the change of course in the economic environment of the country. It has good and excellent international restaurants and is now recognized as a tourist destination worldwide.

Finally, a city that should be on the agenda of every traveler and that through all its magic will give you the opportunity to enjoy one of the best cities in South America.
Peru lima: Undoubtedly, you will enjoy our Peru Lima tour.
Plaza de Armas, Lima, Peru.

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