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You can also visit Nazca and its spectacular tracks left on the soft sands of the desert and that still last today. Considered one of the greatest enigmas of all time. TThe famous Nazca Lines are today referred to as a huge astronomical mystical calendar. They can only be observed in its entirety from sky since the figures measure many meters in length. Represent mostly the rich local fauna and flora making them even more beautiful and interesting.

Nazca also has ancient architectural complexes such as the city of Cahuachi, ancient necropolis such as Chauchilla, lines and geoglyphs everywhere and Inca and pre-Inca ceremonial centers. These are small examples of the wonderful legacy that this place possesses. The Iqueños are very nice and cheerful people, heirs of a kind of ancestral strength that allows them to fight with the extreme conditions of their environment and live in harmony with it. The food is excellent and its famous desserts are the best. When you visit it you can feel the throbbing of a generous people, of a land full of myths.
Peru Nazca: Undoubtedly, you will enjoy our Peru Nazca.

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