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Called the city of the eternal sun, located only 300 km south of Lima. Ica keeps a magical connection between its present and its splendid past. Through its culture, traditions and rich history, which harmonize perfectly with its fertile valleys and impressive desert. Known for owning a large agro-export, wine industry and being a number one producer of the internationally renowned Pisco, national liquor and popular drink. Pisco is obtained from the juice distillate of the sweetest and most native grapes in this region.

Peruvian geography was very capricious in its work with this place by joining huge dunes, rich valleys and a beautiful sea in one place. Owner of the only and real natural Oasis of America, called Huacachina, that captivates us with its tradition and history. It is full of adrenaline and adventure that can be found by climbing the huge dunes that surround the place in the famous Dune Buggies and practicing sandboarding.

Through the Regional Museum, you can see part of the treasures left by their ancient cultures, which amaze all visitors. With their diversity of pieces such as ceramics, mantles, textiles, mummies, weapons and various instruments used by these ancient inhabitants. Treasures that attest to its enormous cultural wealth.
Peru Ica: Undoubtedly, you will enjoy our Peru Ica.

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