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Trujillo is the city of La Marinera (typical dance), the totora horses and the famous Chimú kingdom. It holds many treasures, such as: its beautiful Main Square, beautiful colonial and republican mansions. Also, it has a incredible archaeological remains, such as its wonderful pyramidal temples, called huacas, belonging to the ancient Moche kingdom. Especially, these huacas shows spectacular walls that were richly decorated with different figures of ancient gods and characters mystics.

In fact, the impressive Chan Chan, known as the largest adobe-built city in America, belonging to the Chimú culture and capital of its Empire. In this case, this culture developed between Lima and southern Ecuador, between IX and XV centuries. As a result, they are recognized for being great architects and excellent metallurgists.

Moreover, Trujillo also has beautiful beaches such as Huanchaco and its totora horses, small boats made of a type of local reed, inheritance of the great Moche fishermen. The current inhabitants still use them for such purposes and also to have fun riding the waves of the sea. In conclusion, if you want to look for eternal spring, soak up pre-Inca culture and enjoy the delicious Peruvian cuisine... Undoubtedly, you must visit Trujillo.
Peru trujillo: Undoubtedly, you will enjoy our Peru trujillo.

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