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The city of Iquitos called the Capital of the Peruvian Amazon, warm and welcoming, where the European contrasts with the native, gateway to our Amazon rainforest, full of emblematic and beautiful mansions or interesting museums such as rubber, with its neighborhoods Typical surroundings, its incredible local markets, butterfly farms and other places, give us a very special perspective of how its inhabitants live and interact harmoniously with the very special environment that surrounds them.

The Amazon River is the largest river, more navigable and since 2010 is considered the longest in the world. Source of myths and legends, of abundant life and unique natural wealth. The Amazon invites us to navigate its waters and let us take it easy to show us its wonderful natural and wild beauty. The Amazon rainforest leads us to walk along its paths, visit the local comunties that inhabit it, observe the most diverse insects and birds, spend a joyful afternoon on the island of monkeys, enjoy the view from the top of the glass of the trees, to stay near the research and conservation centers or to take a cruise and cross imaginary borders.
Peru Iquitos: Undoubtedly, you will enjoy our Peru iquitos.

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