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The beautiful bay of Paracas is considered one of the most beautiful places that exist on the southern coast of Peru. From mild to warm weather, it is perfect for resting and practicing various recreational activities. Paracas has many tourist attractions such as its National Reserve and its impressive landscapes, site archeological museum. Additionally, it has the research and interpretation center of the reserve, the Ballestas Islands with its lush and wonderful marine life, the bay viewpoint and its spectacular view and its beautiful boardwalk. In addition, it has good local restaurants and excellent hotels that together with the weather and the view of the sea make this a special place of pure relaxation and fun. Also near here is the famous Inca temple of Tambo Colorado, the only complete Inca construction made of adobe and boulder stone. Incredibly, it still retains its majesty, peculiar style and its characteristic color that gives the place its name.
Peru Paracas: Undoubtedly, you will enjoy our Peru Paracas.

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