Our Story

We hold a firm belief that our efforts to promote tourism in Peru can play a pivotal role in fostering awareness among individuals regarding the safeguarding, care, and preservation of our diverse wonders. These encompass a range of natural areas, archaeological sites, flora, and fauna. Additionally, we are committed to contributing to the sustainable economic development of indigenous communities actively involved in tourism. For these communities, tourism serves as a positive and environmentally friendly employment alternative, enabling them to showcase their treasures with pride. Through responsible tourism practices, we aim to empower these communities to share their invaluable cultural and natural heritage, ensuring the respect and protection of their environment, which they consider sacred.

By planting the seeds of this positive initiative, we derive immense joy from contributing to the protection of our abundant heritage. This endeavour allows us not only to preserve this cultural and natural richness but also to pass it on to future generations worldwide. Providing the opportunity for people from all walks of life to appreciate and enjoy these treasures, we aim to create a unique and profoundly enriching experience for everyone involved.

Our mission

In order to fulfill this objective, one of our key initiatives involves the establishment of an Archaeological and Natural Protection Fund. This fund is designed to support excavations and studies in various archaeological sites that remain unexplored, simultaneously addressing the preservation of forests endangered by predation and neglect. In doing so, we aim to create a hub for social development in these areas, with a focus on the immediate future.

This initiative serves as a tangible demonstration of what can be achieved through a genuine commitment to service and a deep love for our cultural heritage. Through such initiatives and projects, we anticipate yielding positive outcomes in the short to medium term.

We extend a warm invitation for you to join us in these efforts and embark on a journey with us. By choosing to travel with us, you become an integral part of contributing to the well-being and preservation of our country’s cultural and natural treasures.