Our Story

We believe and have the faithful conviction that by contributing to the development of tourism in Peru through our activities we can create awareness in people for the protection, care and preservation of all the wonders we have, such as the various natural areas, archaeological remains, flora, fauna and also contribute to the sustainable economic development of indigenous communities that are engaged in tourism activity and have found in it a good and clean work alternative, allowing them to show with pride the treasures they possess, since in this way they It allows them to make known these treasures respecting and protecting their environment that are also considered as by them as sacred places.

When sowing this good seed we can feel more than happy to have made possible the protection of this rich heritage and also be able to provide them to the new generations of the whole world and thus have the opportunity to appreciate them, enjoy them, having a unique and very enriching experience.

Our mission

For this purpose, one of our initiatives was to create an archaeological and natural protection fund, which aims to contribute to the excavations and studies that can be carried out in the various archaeological areas that have not yet been fully explored and at the same time protect the forests that are threatened by predation and lack of care. Thus opening a pole of social development in these places always thinking about the immediate future.

This is a clear example of what can be done with a willingness to serve and love for our legacy, generating initiatives and projects which will give results in a short or medium term.

That is why we welcome you to travel with us and let them know that you are contributing to the well-being of our country.

"We thank you very much and you are cordially invited to enjoy these unique and wonderful experiences in Peru with us."

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