San Blas Town and Church

The town has beautiful landscapes and the church has a beautiful baroque style pulpit.
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La Merced Church and Convent

Church built in 1657 in baroque style. Its sacristy has important works in gold and silver. It has also a reliquary ornamented with precious stones.
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Coricancha / Santo Domingo Church

According to the chroniclers Koricancha was one of the most outstanding buildings in Cuzco. The walls were totally covered with gold because it was the main temple for worshiping the sun god. The convent has an invaluable collection of XVII and XVIII centuries.

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Church of The Society of Jesus

Originally this church was built over the Hauynacapac palace. In 1650 due to a strong earthquake the building was damaged and in 1688 it was rebuilt. The facade and central nave are excellent examples of the baroque in the Andes.

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Cuzco Cathedral

The cathedral was built in two moments. At the beginning the Chapel of Triumph was built over the old Suntur Wasi temple. Afterwards the cathedral was built over the Wiracocha palace. The façade and the interior are decorated with a renaissance style. We should point out the work in cedar and the carving of the […]

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