Machu Picchu

Located at 2400 meters over sea level. It is a magical city located over a mountain. It has a special system of irrigation with channels. We can observe terraces for agriculture. Several archeologists believe that it was a holy place for worshipping. To arrive to Macchu Picchu you need to take the train and the […]

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2 km to the North East of the city of Cuzco ( 10 min approx by car). It was a place which had a magic religious function, however, some scholars believe that it had also a military function.

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Puca Pucara

Puca Pucara is a military construction located near Cusco, in Peru. This fortress is composed of large walls, terraces and stairways and was part of the defensive complex of Cusco in particular and of the Inca Empire in general
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It had a very important magic religious function related with the water and the mother earth. It was a tambo that is a place where travelers could stay over and obtain some food.

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It shows much elaborated work in stone. There is a type of labyrinth and channels which were used to make sacrifices to the gods.

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