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It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Peru. Located at 2300 meters above sea level it is the perfect place to start any excursion through the Peruvian Andes. Jealously guarded by the Misti volcano is called the White City due to the sillar, type of volcanic rock typical of that color that they use in the construction of many of their mansions, churches, and houses. Very close from there you can visit the convent of Santa Catalina which is a city within another city, its beautiful main square, its baroque style cloisters, enjoy its famous chocolates and ice cream, and why not visit ``La Lady of Ampato ``, the Inca mummy that amazes the world for its extraordinary state of conservation.

The surroundings show us the inspiration that nature had when making this place, full of impressive canyons considered the deepest and most beautiful in the world such as the Colca and the Cotahuasi, mythical volcanoes that rest as colossal guardians, natural reserves where we can find spectacular landscapes. The volcanic underground waters emerge from the depths and give us the possibility to enjoy them in the so-called thermal pools or baths that exist throughout the Colca Valley.Come and have the opportunity to see the largest bird in America in flight in the most famous viewpoint in America.

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Archeological Complex

Huaca Pucllana

The archeological complex Huaca Pucllana ( also known as Juliana) has a site museum and workshops for research. The site was a ceremonial and administration center. It belongs to the Lima culture 200 A.D. Part of this construction belongs to Wari ...


Aliaga House

This building dates from the XVI century. Don Jerónimo de Aliaga, companion of Pizarro and one who took part in the foundation of Lima began to build it. It is located over an old pre-Hispanic temple. This house is ...

Archeological Complex


Located at 31 km. South of Lima is one of the most important pre-Hispanic ceremonial cen ters in the Peruvian coast and it was the place where the most important oracle of Peru was located. It was build by the Lima ...

Parks and Carnivals

Magic Water Circuit

Located in the Parque de la Reserva the Magic Water Circuit ( also known as Lima Water Park) is a touristic attraction in Lima. The popularity of this place is due to the spectacle offered by the thirteen ornamental fountains which ...


Saint Peter Church

This Jesuit church enjoyed the predilection of the Lima aristocracy during the XVIII century. The exterior has a renaissance character. The interior has one of the best samples of baroque. To note the luxurious main altar, 14 chapels in retablos worked ...

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