Torre Tagle Palace

The Torre Tagle Palace is a building built during the viceregal period of Peru. Currently, it serves as the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru. It covers a built area of ​​1699 m². The materials used in the construction of the Torre Tagle Palace were brought from Spain, Panama and other countries. [...]
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San Marcos University (Casona)

Monumental building of the XVII which housed the San Antonio de Abad seminar, the Real Convictory and the San Carlos school. Afterwards it housed the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos ( the oldest one in America) which was inaugurated the 12 May 1551. It has a baroque chapel, a neoclassic room for debating and [...]
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Aliaga House

This building dates from the XVI century. Don Jerónimo de Aliaga, companion of Pizarro and one who took part in the foundation of Lima began to build it. It is located over an old pre-Hispanic temple. This house is adorned with beautiful tiles of the XVII century and part of ifs construction is in cedar […]

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