Tourist Attractions of Trujillo

Main Square

It is the most important of the historic center and one of the most visited of all the city and it was here that the city was founded. During all the republican times the square has become one of the most emblematic places. Streets Orbegoso, Independencia, Almagro and Pizarro are the four streets that limit this square. Very near we have the Compañia de Jesus church which has paintings of Diego de la Puente. Santo Domingo church is the only temple with twin towers which has a portrait of the virgin of rosary. Also to be noted are the Belen church, El Recreo square, El Carmen monastery.

Chan Chan

The city of Chan Chan located at 5 km from Trujillo. It is a pre Columbian city of adobe built on the Northern coast by the Chimus. It is the biggest adobe city built in Latin America and the second in the world. It is located at the North Eastern part of the metropolitan area of Trujillo and Huanchaco. Declared as patrimony of the humanity in 1986 by Unesco. Chan Chan is formed by nine walled small cities.

Moche Valley

In this valley are located the temples of the Sun and the Moon. The walls of these temples tell the story of the Peruvian man by means of their frescoes. This is the Moche culture which was developed between 200-800 A.D.

El Brujo Archeological Complex

The huacas ( archeological sites) of El Brujo were one of the most important religious and political centers of the Moche culture (100-750 A.D). It is one of the most beautiful pyramids built by the Moche in the Chicama valley ( Peru). They offer to visitors the best exhibits of mural art of this culture because most of the walls are decorated with high relief representations using different colors. The Brujo has three great buildings: Prieta Huaca, Cortada Huaca and the Huaca of Cao Viejo.

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