Tourist Attractions of Puno

Tourist Attractions of Puno – Lake Titicaca

Taquile Islands

Taquile is located 45 km from Puno. Several vessels some of them with small engines go from Puno to Taquile. It takes 2 or 3 hours to get there. Local people follow their traditions and customs. They offer food and bed. It is a highly organized community.


At 32 km from Puno are located the Chulpas of Sillustani. Sillustani with its cylindrical towers made of granite was a place to bury the nobles of different civilizations.


Located at 40 km. North of Puno and at 3808 meters over sea level. One hour trip. Amantani is ideal to remove yourself from civilization. The island is located in front of the Capachica peninsula and it is inhabited by four thousand persons divided into eight agricultural communities. The people work in agriculture and handicraft excelling at textiles and stone carving. The island has natural bellevederes and archeological sites of the Tiahuanaco culture.

Uros Islands

This tour takes three hours in the highest navigable lake in the world, the Titikaka lake. You will visit several islands inhabited by the Uros . They are one of the oldest civilizations in America.

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