Tourist Attractions of Iquitos

Tourist Attractions of Iquitos – Amazonas


Iquitos is the capital of the province of Maynas and capital of Loreto. It has an approximate population of 500,000 inhabitants. There are some touristic places like Barrio de Belén, the main square, the House of Iron formerly the Hotel Palace, the main church of Iquitos, the national reserve of Allpahuayo Mishana, the touristic and zoological complex of Quistococha, the handicraft market of San Juan.

The Amazonas River

The Amazonas with its 6800 kilometers is the longest river of the world. The Amazonas jungle develops itself around the Amazonas river and its fluvial basin. All the area covers 5’500,000 square kilometer of nine countries ( Peru, Bolivia, Brasil, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, French Guiana and Surinan).

Navigate the Amazonas is an unforgettable experience for any visitor that want to have a pleasant souvenir of the Peruvian jungle. The Amazonas river is a world of mystery, grandeur and romance. The forest and copious waters shelter a great diversity of wild life.

Hanging Bridge

Over the treetops the hanging bridge is an unforgettable experience. With more than 35 meter (115 ft) of height and more than 500 meters of length the bridge gives an exceptional view of the Amazonas flora and fauna. The bridge has an easy access and no special skill or equipment is required. The bridge is suspended between 14 of the greatest trees in the area and it is one of the longest bridges in the world ( all of the programs that we have with Explorama consider this experience).

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