Tourist Attractions of Chiclayo

Tourist Attractions of Chiclayo

Huaca Rajada and Sipan

Located at 35 km. South East from Chiclayo (45 min. by car). In 1987 a tomb was discovered there with the intact remains of a Mochica chief, the majestic Lord of Sipan. This discovery allow us to appreciate the funeral ritual of a Mochica ruler who was accompanied by a warrior, a priest, two women, a boy, a dog, a llama and a watchman with both feet amputated. The funerary apparel includes several gold and silver jewels with turquoises.


It goes back to 700 A. D and according to the legend it was founded by Calac, descendant from Naylamp. Tucume or Valley of Pyramids is made up of 26 pyramids among which stand out Huaca del Pueblo, La Raya, The Sun, Las Estacas.

Sican National Museum

Sican or House of the Moon is a museum that encompasses all the research made during more than two decades by the archeologist Izumi Shimada as chief of the archeological project Sican ( 1978). The exhibition comprises artifacts found on the site excavations of Batan Grande and are shown as they were found or used. The idea is to represent several aspects linked to the Sican culture through the representation of domestic life in the different manufacturing processes of the productive activity.

National Museum Tumbas Reales de Sipan

With its modern architecture it houses a collection of gold, silver and copper artifacts coming from the Señor de Sipan tomb. The museum is directed by the archeologist Walter Alva, manager of the project and the man who unearthed this tomb in the Huaca Rajada archeological site and also in Sipan.

Bruning National Archeological Museum

Exhibits a collection of archeological items gathered by the German ethnographer Enrique Brunning. In the four floors are exhibited handicraft objects, textiles, carvings of stone and wood, etc. All of them show the vigorous and technological character of the regional cultures in the last 5000 years. The Golden Room of this museum is a good sample of the historical value of Pre Columbian America.

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