Tourist Attractions in Lima

Tourist Attractions in Lima

Aliaga House

This building  dates from the XVI  century.  Don Jerónimo de Aliaga,  companion of Pizarro and  one who took part in the foundation of Lima  began to build it.  It is located over an old pre-Hispanic temple.  This house is adorned with   beautiful tiles  of the  XVII   century  and part of ifs  construction   is in cedar and  mahogany  brought from  Panama  and Nicaragua.

Huaca Pucllana

The archeological complex  Huaca Pucllana ( also known as Juliana)  has a site museum and  workshops  for  research.  The site  was  a  ceremonial and administration    center.   It belongs to the Lima culture  200  A.D.     Part of this construction belongs   to  Wari and  Ichimay cultures ( 1000 A.D).

Larco Herrera Museum

Founded on 1926 Larco Museum has a chronological exhibition of pre-Columbian pieces some of them with more than 3000 years of antiquity. The collection has gold and silver pieces as well as a collection of erotic ceramics.


Located at  31 km.  South of Lima  is  one of the     most important pre-Hispanic ceremonial cen ters in the Peruvian coast  and  it was  the place where the most important oracle of Peru was located.  It was build by the  Lima culture and the Incas   kept  it intact  and was even enlarged due to its great importance.    Today we can observe  the UrpiWachak temple,  Pachacamac wife.     From  here  was obtained   most of the gold used by  Atahualpa to his ransom to  Pizarro.

Magic Water Circuit

Located in the Parque de la Reserva the Magic Water Circuit ( also known as Lima Water Park) is a touristic attraction in Lima. The popularity of this place is due to the spectacle offered by the thirteen ornamental fountains which combine music, light and water. All this complemented by the beautiful gardens.

Saint Peter Church

This Jesuit church enjoyed the predilection of the Lima aristocracy during the XVIII century.
The exterior has a renaissance character. The interior has one of the best samples of baroque. To note the luxurious main altar, 14 chapels in retablos worked in great detail and the sacristy that has several paintings of the Cuzco school. The coronation of the Virgin, one of the first painting of Bernardo Bitti must be observed.

Santo Domingo Church

It is the oldest in the city, finished in the last years of XVI century. During the colonial days it was the main center of culture in the city. In Santo Domingo cloisters lived Saint Martin de Porras ( 1579-1639). The remains of this saint of those of Santa Rosa de Lima ( 1586-1617) are located here. Although the entrances is pretty simple it has a magnificent tower in rococo style. We have here outstanding sculptures: one of Santa Rosa made by Melchor Caffa ( XVII century), a Christ of the Juan Bautista Vasquez school and a Virgin of Rosary of Roque de Badulaque ( XVII century).

San Marcos University ( Casona)

Monumental building of the XVII which housed the San Antonio de Abad seminar, the Real Convictory and the San Carlos school. Afterwards it housed the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos ( the oldest one in America) which was inaugurated the 12 May 1551.
It has a baroque chapel, a neoclassic room for debating and colonial patios in a semi-circular way.

Inquisition Museum

Shows in a real way the persecution and torture of those accused of heresy and other sins during the colonial times.

Pedro de Osma Museum

Fine collection of colonial arte; paintings, sculpture, furniture and silverware.

Amano Museum

A collection of beautiful textiles mostly of the Chancay civilization 1200 A.D.

Archeology and Anthropological National Museum

A collection of ceramics or “huacos”, textiles and handicraft works dating from the pre-inca and Inca times. It is considered the most complete and significant exhibition of Peru. The collection has also furniture, paintings and sculpture of colonial times.

Gold Museum

One of the most famous private collections with more than 4000 pieces of gold, silver and jewelry dating from the pre –inca and Inca time. It has also on exhibition the biggest arm collection of the world.

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