Tourist Attractions in Ica Nazca Paracas

Tourist Attractions of Ica – Paracas – Nazca


In this department there is a great variety of wineyards that produce pisco and wine. When visiting Ica you need to taste the wine which is one of the best of Peru. Another popular destination is Huacachina , a natural oasis renown for its beauty. Ica has also a very important museum.

Ballestas Islands

They are located 260 km South of Lima, nearby Paracas in the Pisco province. The abundance of fauna in Paracas bay and the Islands is made possible thanks to the cold Humboldt sea current. The islands are spectacular and are the homeland of thousand of birds and seawolfs. The islands have more than 150 species of sea birds which include penguins, pelicans and in occasions even dolphins.
The Humboldt current make possible also in the Ballestas Islands the existence of plankton and microorganisms which allows the great schools of fishes like sea bass, kingfish, and anchovies.

The Nazca Lines

These are lines that extend themselves over kilometers and form different images in the desert forming figures visible only from the air. Old geoglyphes are found in the Jumana Plains, in the Nazca desert and between Nazca and Palpa.
Several theories have arisen around these mysterious drawings. Some say that they were landing strips for ovnis and others affirm that they were some sort of gigantic calendar. As Maria Reiche states it is quite probably that we are dealing with a monumental astronomical calendar where the figures marked different periods or solar phases.

The Paracas National Reserve

This is another point in the circuit which attracts many cultural and ecological tourists because it is a refuge for seawolves, otters, penguins, dolphins and more than 200 bird species like flamingos and guano birds. Additionally the reserve has wonderful beaches like La Mina, La Catedral, Playa Mendieta and beautiful stone formations.

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