Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions expressed in the present document are aimed at determining the relationship existing between SESAMHOS AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO sac 281 and the travelers. We will be delighted to serve. Once the first payment has been made by our customers, in accordance with the payment policies expressed in this document, it is understood that the traveler accepts the terms and conditions expressed hereunder.


SESAMHOS AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO creates personalized experiences that are adapted to each traveler´s interests, formulating suggestions focused on the satisfaction of their expectations.

The details of the hired services will be presented in the itinerary. The offer of some services which are not directly under our control does not imply solidary liability, as these supplying third parties are responsible for offering their own services.


Safeguarding your privacy is vital to us. Therefore, our company guarantees you that the personal information that will be requested from you (Identification documents, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, e-mail, telephone numbers, information on personal tastes, interests, preferences, etc.) will not be used for any other purpose different from that of the service we offer you.

According to the type of service you will hire, we will request that you should send us the necessary information for the organization of the trip, which includes flight reservations, hotels or any other services that require it. The initial payment is understood as the authorization, on the traveler´s part, for SESAMHOS AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO. to make use of the pertinent information for the adequate organization of the experience.


Depending on your nationality, the necessary documents to enter Peru can vary. It is common that a valid passport should be required. However, the traveler will have to make the respective consultations at their country´s consulate, so as to compile the information relevant to other requirements and restrictions that may exist. It is the traveler´s responsibility to make sure their passport is valid, as well as any other document that is necessary to them, in order to maintain their stay in Peru.



It is important to have adequate personal travel insurance. However, consider that some insurance companies do not cover risks over 3,000 meters above sea level. Therefore, it is necessary that you should carefully revise your insurance contracts´ coverage policies.

It is the traveler´s responsibility to hire an insurance policy, and to know the details of its coverage.

We suggest an insurance that covers eventualities, such as the trip´s annulation or shortening, evacuation expenses, in case of emergency, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, damages, theft, loss of personal luggage, money and goods.

SESAMHOS AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO, its representatives, collaborators and other parties related with the company, will not be held responsible for any costs and losses caused or suffered by the traveler, or for depending or accompanying travelers, regarding any eventuality, accidental event or Act of God happening during service.

It is the customers´ sole responsibility to hire an emergency insurance, due respect to the eventualities described in the previous paragraph.


Your HEALTH is important to us. So, we wish your experience to be pleasant and enjoyable. We remind you that a visit to the Peruvian Andes implies the undertaking of activities at an average of 3,000 meters above sea level, and higher. Given that consideration, you must:

  • Visit your practitioner for a general check-up, check your shots (Vaccines) and take the necessary precautions related to your experience.
  • Let us know about any health problem, medical or alimentary prescription or restriction you might have (Medicine, diet, protection against solar radiation, etc.).
  • Communicate to the service supplier, blood pressure problems, dizziness or any other troubles related to altitude or risky activities.
  • Individuals older than 60 years of age are in the obligation of consulting their physician about their physical aptitude.
  • With the initial payment, you accept being in the adequate health conditions to undertake the trip, as much in the traveler´s case, as in that of their accompanying party who we are pleased to serve.


Prevention and precautions are important, when considering the activities to be undertaken. Seeking to create a better experience, and upon the traveler´s request, the company can suggest, program and organize the performance of different activities implying the adequate precautions for certain levels of risks.

All preventive measures inherent to our services are taken into consideration. However, SESAMHOS AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO does not assume liability for situations which escape its control.


SESAMHOS AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO wishes to turn your trip into a memorable experience. In order to achieve this, we develop a program, thinking carefully about every detail and about your satisfaction. We reserve, hire and pay third party services on your behalf, and in addition, we present you with all the necessary information, so that you might live and enjoy that experience, in the best possible conditions.

We take the necessary preventive steps to avoid future risks during the trip. However, any action or omission, out of our control (Third parties´ failure in fulfilling commitments or social and political situations) that could alter the program, are not the responsibility of SESAMHOS AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO

It is important to highlight that flight and train tickets are occasionally subject to over-sale, cancelations and changes of schedules. If the above-mentioned should occur, we will assist you in whatever is necessary and possible.

SESAMHOS AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO. Is not responsible for the incurred additional costs, due to delays, cancelations or other changes generated by the direct supplier of the service.


The service includes:

  • General organization.
  • Specialized professionals´ service.
  • Personalized attention.

The service does not include:

  • Extra expenses generated by accidental events or Acts of God.
  • Personal implements or clothes.
  • Tips.
  • Any kind of insurance.


Given its nature, the services offered by SESAMHOS AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO

– Minors of age.

– Invalids or individuals forbidden to take part in them.

Note: Minors of 18 years of age will have to present an authorization signed by their parents, in case these would not be traveling with them.


  • A 50% deposit of the trip´s total price is required, within a deadline that does not exceed seven (7) days after the itinerary has been confirmed.
  • The remaining amount (50%) will have to paid, at the latest sixty (60) days before the beginning of the trip, unless there is a written agreement which indicates the contrary.
  • For cancelations received between 90 and 61 days prior to the start of the trip, there will be a penalty of 25% of the trip´s total payment, unless that, due to a third party supplier´s policies, such as hotels, for example, payment of the whole amount might be required.
  • For cancelations received between 59 and 40 days before starting the trip, there will be a penalty of 50% of the trip´s total payment, unless that, due to a third party´s policies, such as hotels, for example, payment of the full amount should be required.
  • For cancelations received between 39 and 20 days before starting the trip, there will be a penalty of 75% of the trip´s total payment, unless that, due to a third party´s policies, such as hotels, for example, payment of the full amount should be required.
  • For cancelations received past 20 days prior to the beginning of the trip, there will be a penalty of 100% of the trip´s total payment.
    To calculate these deadlines, all cancelations must be made before Sundays or holydays.
  • SESAMHOS AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO. reserves the right to alter its payment policies, if circumstances require it.
  • Any service not used or canceled by the traveler, for any reason, during the development of the itinerary, will not be refunded.
  • The traveler is allowed to make minor changes to the itinerary, in accordance with the policies described herein. Therefore, we will do our best to adapt to your requests. However, major changes, such as destination city, hotels, flights, trains, etc., will incur additional non-refundable expenses, in addition to the deposit made for the quote´s initial amount.


Our payment policies refer to the services offered by SESAMHOS AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO. Payments of special services, including the purchase of entrance tickets, tickets for any means of transportation, hotel bookings, etc., are previously made in full, to confirm the trip. Some services have payment, cancelation and refund policies which are different to ours. In these cases, payments, cancelations and refunds will be adapted to the third-party suppliers´ policies.


The final budget will carry an operational charge of USD$50.00 (Fifty US Dollars and 00/100 cents) per individual, which includes bank expenses and any other operative effects. A change charge of USD$100.00 (One hundred US Dollars and 00/100 cents) will be made for each change made in the itinerary, after it has been confirmed. Changes related to third party services, can include other extra amounts.

Our prices do not include V.A.T. for hotels. The V.A.T. is a tax which is applied to both Peruvian citizens and residents. In accordance with the 919 Law Decree, foreign visitors who present, before the trip, their original passports, duly stamped by immigration offices, as well as the Andean Immigration Card, will be exonerated from the V.A.T. (18%), for accommodation and catering services (Breakfast, lunch and dinner). Foreigners who remain over 60 days in Peru are subject to paying V.A.T. for all services.


The contract celebrated with the company SESAMHOS AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO will automatically rescind in the following cases:

  • When the customer ignores or fails to fulfill what is established within the company´s terms and conditions.
  • When the customer´s behavior puts his/her own life or that of other people at risk.
  • When the trip´s safety or quality is jeopardized by an accidental event or Act of God.
  • In the first two cases of rescission, the company offers no refund at all, and in the third case, it offers a partial refund, according to the expenses faced by the company, until the moment of the contract´s rescission.


The company will not be held responsible for Acts of God, accidental or unforeseeable events related to climatological, geographical and social issues or situations of any other kind that might make service impossible.

If any of the previously mentioned cases should occur, the company has the power of suspending service and taking all necessary action, to save its customers´ lives.


Reading this document is mandatory, before closing contract with the company. At the moment of confirming his/her booking, the customer declares his/her conformity and adhesion to the terms and conditions of the company SESAMHOS AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO.


The supplier reserves the right to hire; that is, the faculty of closing or not a contract, as well as to determine who it hires, in accordance with what is prescribed by Article 62 of the Political Constitution of Peru.


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