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Let us give you a cordial welcome to our all brand new web site where you will have the opportunity to know about our programs, excursions, tours and special journeys we have prepared for you, thinking in both comfort and security.You can play at the same time to organize the best trip in our country.

Also you will have the option to prepare your own trip with us to have the chance to visit those important places that you dreamed of before and you do not want to miss them at all and we can guarantee you will enjoy them so much.

We are a professional team specialized in the organization, planification and promotion of tours and trips in our country with a certified experience thanks to the personal and professional attention we provide to all our clients who are travellers from around the world.

Our experience give us the knowledge about people and traveller´s needs to become a journey in Perú in to the best experience you are looking for.

The leader of this professional group is Mr. Hugo Ochoa Solis who is a professional tour guide with a special knowledge about the peruvian history ,geography and social reality.


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